IB-SL-O4-TY - First ever Tuya control solar string light for outdoor gardens ®

First ever Tuya control Garden solar string light is now developed by iBright
Patented Solar chip & terminal used in this amazing outdoor solar string lights.
With our newest Tuya chip assembled on our solar string light, User have full control via Tuya App. Enable voice control over Alexa to control this solar string light. Get many new features on this solar model as color changing, music control, fixed colors, mood colors.
Whatever Alexa offer, we can use it for our Smart Garden solar string light Solar string is adjusted with cold or hot color chip to ensure that the LEDs are within target color of area. iBright solar string light
delivers efficacy and reliability for a variety of applications such as string, Pendant lights, USB lights and Travel lights.
All are 100% waterproof for outdoor and tested in harsh weather as typhoon, hurricane and sandstorms


IB-SL-O4-TY Solar tuya string light, 39ft long 4mm online cable, G4 base, 3x3x3ft spacing, PVC jacket 3W 12 bulbs 1,2 4mm ®G4
Solar tuya string light,48ft long 5mm suspended cable, 3x3x3ft spacing, PVC jacket 5W 15 bulbs 1,2 4mm ®G4

OEM - Custom made solar designs by buyer request, venue size etc.

Product Features

  • Solar string light with Full TUYA app control for sound activated, Color change, dimmer etc.
  • Alexa sound activation
  • Regsitered solar Patent
  • Commercial grade solar panel, heavy duty & high durability led string light
  • All our solar string lights are weatherproof and intended for outdoor decoration and illumination
  • Led bulbs are with Bright illumination CCt 2700-6000 wide color control
  • Solar string light can be used with special designed remote control to change led color
  • Very easy assembly and maintenance. Extremely User-friendly lights.
  • Saves a lot of electricity and help us fight pollution
  • our Solar string light are designed to last for many years to come
  • All solar lights specification (length, bulb number & type) available for users preference

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