Who is iBright?

iBright Illumination is a private Owned company/Factory since July 2003.One of the biggest producers of Commercial Lighted solutions for outdoor.
We are in Taishan city In Guangdong province of China, about 3 hours from Hong Kong and 2 Hour from Guangzhou.
We've been making commercial lights since 2003, providing products to our customers around the world.

We strive to educate people all around to use less energy, so we can keep our planet greener and safer for generations to come.

We mainly focus our efforts on Commercial lighting solutions both High voltage and Solar powered.

iBright owns more than 30 patents worldwide and we keep developing many new solutions to fit any industry.

With very strict QC and R&D team our products are 100% High quality both in Design and safety. Our showroom features exciting ®solar & commercial lighting that is safe, energy-saving and with perfect ambience.
We strongly protect any copyright for custom made products.
We warmly welcome you to our facilities to see firsthand our capabilities.

Ka Li Chan.