iB-EnE (E/F)

iBright Commercial grade led string lights is mainly used for outdoor area with harsh environment weather as rain, snow, hail, winds, typhoon etc. Our special design chip can withstand in the harshest environments and still supply a great light with amazing ambience. in iBright we only use A+ materials that passes very hard testing before processing to assembly line. We custom build special design garden string lights for any area and property. If it is your garden, patio, yard, balcony or veranda, our outdoor commercial string lights will do the job! Our QC team will manually double check every string before allowing it to be shipped


iB-EnE (E/F) 33ft long XTW * 2C online cable, 1x1x1ft spacing, end to end tail 10 1,2,4 XTW E E14
48ft long AWG 18 * 2C suspended cable, 3x3x3ft spacing, end to end tail, PVC jacket 15 1,2,4 18 AWG E26

OEM - Custom made by buyer request, venue size etc.

Product Features