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i-Bright illumination is a pioneer in solar lighting development. We design and produce all type of garden solar lighting from solar patio string light, commercial grade Edison string light, solar pendant lights, decorative outdoor string lights, USB operated string lights, solar camping lights, Battery operated table lamps and many more types of solar lighting.
As one of the oldest factories in China, we develop with 20 years of experience in the market of solar lighting and commercial outdoor lighting. We also own several patents in the USA & Europe for our commercial string lights.

  • Commercial grade Outdoor led string lights
  • Commercial grade Outdoor Edison string lights
  • Outdoor solar led string lights
  • Outdoor solar led pendant lights
  • Outdoor solar led hanging lights
  • Outdoor solar patio design string lights
  • Outdoor solar party lights
  • Outdoor solar wedding lights
  • Outdoor solar camping & travel string lights
our solar lighting factory specializes in design and develop of new and innovative solutions for more solar efficiency, energy saving outdoors lighting. We develop special solar string lights patents to achieve this goal. Our most popular products in the market are solar string lights, solar pendant lights, garden string lights, solar patio lights, USB string lights, waterproof string lights.