• LED Christmas Lights
    iBright Showroom
    400SM of Pure Decorative Lighting for Christmas designs and Commercial use
    Commercial string lights, Fitting string lights, Copper wire models, Tpu Window decorations, Acrylic sculptures and many more...
    Find all the lights you need to create the best illumination holidays here.
  • LED Christmas Lights
    Indoor LED decorations
    Many type of Indoor display illuminated decorations
    We have a very wide range of indoor illuminated led decorations as Window decorations, sculptures, banners, light strings and many more.
    Any type of holiday or event we have!
  • LED Christmas Lights
    LED Rope light Display
    Over 100 models for LED rope light display in our catalog
    Our range for Rope light display vary from 20cm to 1200cm long. Any type of figure we can do!
    Because it is LED and consume on low energy then for BIG Design sky is the limit! Custom models are more then welcome, see how vivid it is!
  • LED Christmas Lights
    Metal frame Display Models
    All the metal frame sculptures you can think of.
    Our designers come up with the most unique and vivid designs. All are made of UV resistant metal frame with over 100 designs.
    If its indoor or outdoors, sisal, fabric or pvc , we can do!
  • LED Christmas Lights
    Acrylic figure Display
    Any theme or figures we have it here.
    Acrylic(PE) small figures are very unique decoration for indoor or outdoor use. It shines at night with vivid colors
    and give a great effect for warm living room or for Joy patio.
  • LED Christmas Lights
    BIG Live Acrylic figure Display
    Life like Hand made Acrylic sculptures.
    This range of Life like acrylic sculptures is quite new. We invest a lot of time in research and design new models in life sizes.
    If it is a figure or a theme we can make it! It will give a new look for your Yard decorations.