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patented! commercial Solar string light

Outdoors Starry light with fitting

As some calls it drops of heaven, iBright design of LED fitted starry string lights is made to give special illumination effect. Our machine is calibrated to give the best bending capability yet to keep it insulated so it will work perfectly! Doesn't matter if it is low voltage or battery it is a great solution for table runners, weddings, decorations etc.
It can be bended so nicely to fit any need or shape. We use 3mm Extra bright chip for perfect illumination with Amazing colors.
Just use our IP65 3AA or 2C battery case, bend it over any plant in your yard or home and see the Magic.

Each one of our strand is checked twice for loose connections and conduction by our QC workers.
Mainly used for parties, decorations and others.

Specification & Design

- Highly durable PVC wire.
- Battery, Solar or low voltage supported.
- 3mm Extra bright led chip used
- Copper terminal conductor
- Indoor and outdoor use
- Special insulation coated
- Extra flexiable cord
- Any type fitting can be made