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patented! commercial Solar string light

Solar 2 IN 1, led spike light(patented)

The new iBright Solar SPIKE path lights(2 IN 1).
All use industrial grade insulation to keep water out.
Patented spike for best ground grip!(PN#US10724715B1) This set can be use as Path lights, Spike ground light or even String lights.
Just disconnect cable from spikes and hang it as normal commercial string light
iBright solar Spike lights is built for outdoors. Great illuminations , safe to use and very Rigid.
Spikes can be used to illuminate a path , lawn , flowers, drive way etc.
Molded Sockets to prevent water from coming in so its excellent for outdoor use.

Very easy to assembly. Can convert into a string light by a Child
Solar activated so no cables on ground.

Specification & Design

- Highly durable commercial grade AWG18/SPT-2 weather and rain proof cable.
- Hinged assembled sockets weather proof
- 5V Solar panel 2.0 for fast charging and current transfer.
- 2 IN 1! Can be converted to String light by pulling string out of spike.
- Patented Spike for very strong ground grip(PN#US10724715B1) - Patented Copper terminal conductor
- Support diff tye chip (filament, corn, Cob)
- Socket is molded to prevent water
- Different type of shades avaliable
- High Efficiency illumination
- Excellent quality for many years