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patented! Solar commercial string light

Solar E14 socket string lights

iBright new design of Solar patent (PN#US10.670.236B1) string lights is an amazing solution for patio and Yard decoration. The E14 sockets add to the illumination of this product and its wonderful for parties, kids rooms and garden.
We use special weather proof cables with new None recycled raw material that can stand in heavy rain and winds.
Our special patent let you decide what light source you need and to choose from it by yourself.

We use copper type terminals for better conductors. Solar or low voltage power source can be chosen. Extra safe product
Each one of our strand is checked twice for loose connections and conduction by our QC workers.
Mainly used for parties, decorations and other outdoors activities

Specification & Design

- Highly durable commercial grade weather and rain proof wire.
- Heavy duty molded sockets unbreakable ip65 weather proof
- Solar or low voltage supported.
- Plastic bubbly shades for special light effect
- Assembled molded sockets
- Copper terminal conductor
- Indoor and outdoor use
- Replaceble chip PATENT (PN#US10.670.236B1) terminal.