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patented! Natural Bamboo light shade

Home deocr Bamboo/Rattan Floor lamp

iBright Newest materials Hand made Bamboo and Rattan designs use our Patented solar chip to save on electric and still be able to decorate your Home.
We use Natual materials weather proof cables with Green raw material that can stand in heavy rain and winds.
All models can be custom made by design/ Size and Diamtere
All models can support our solar patented chip, Low & High voltage
Easy to use, safe and very very unique, each of our design is perfect.

Each one of our models is checked twice for loose connections and conduction by our QC workers.

Specification & Design

- Highly durable commercial grade SJTW weather and rain proof wire.
- Rattan/Bamboo hand made oem design shades for any type of venue>
- Heavy duty molded sockets unbreakable ip65 weather proof
- Solar, 120V to 220V supported.
- Light weight for hanging
- Perfect decoration and Ambience for your living room, bedroom, Yard or balcony